Raden is one of the rock mainstay attractions in Banyumas, Central Java. Since 1928, Stone Raden mountains known as a tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of natural scenery and the cool mountain air with a temperature between 18 ° C-25 ° C. In good conditions and sunny weather, scenic city of Noida, Nusakambangan, and Cilacap coast can be seen clearly from the top Baturaden.
The stone’s name comes from two words Raden (Javanese), namely Batur (hills, land, friends, servants) and Raden (nobles). When combined, the word “Rock Prince” can mean: ground level or a beautiful land. There are two versions of the history of the Stone Prince, the Sheikh Maulana Maghribi version and version Kutaliman Duchy. According to the first version, Sheikh Maulana Maghribi, Prince Rum coming from Turkey and the Islamic religion, ever felt curious about the mysterious light that towered into the sky and shining in the east. The Prince then search for the origin of the light. Long story short, after a climb to the summit of a mountain, the Prince saw a Buddhist monk who leaned on a guava tree which emits a light beam to the top. This location later became known as the Stone Raden. Meanwhile, according to the second version, the story of Raden Stone associated with the love story between the daughter of the Duke of Kutaliman with aides who keep horses.
Total land area of the area attractions Stone Prince is 16.5 ha, with an area of 4 hectares of land investment. Status of the land is HPL (management rights) Local Government (LG).

A. Feature

Stone Raden privilege lies in the variety of types of attractions on offer. In addition to the main tourist Stone Prince, in this region there are also many other tourist sites are also interesting to visit, among which are:
1. Botanical garden. This park provides a variety of ornamental plants, plants bongsai, and rare plants, such as Havana plants, leaves God, Brimulia, rodent tuber, Antarium Lipstick, Palm Paris, Tongue Elephants, and Widoro Sea. Price of these crops is quite cheap and can be reached by visitors who want to make it as a souvenir.
2. Gede waterfall. Tourism is located at Ketenger Tourism Village, a distance of approximately 3 km from Batu Raden. There there is a beautiful waterfall.
3. Pitu shower, which is 2.5 km from Batu Raden. This fountain is located 2.5 km from Batu Raden. This fountain is a source of geothermal water with temperature 60 ° -70 ° C to direct flow from the foot of Mount Slamet through seven showers.
4. Telu shower. Shower was inaugurated on January 18, 1987. This shower drain hot water with a temperature of 40’C bersulfur which is said to cure skin diseases and bone.
5. Tourism Wana. Tourism is located 2 km from Batu Raden. Tourism presents the views of Wana forest green and beautiful. This place is perfect for camping and jungle tracking activities.
6. Quiet lake. This lake is located on the east, which is about 3.5 km from Batu Raden. Is fairly picturesque lake, the water was clear and cold.
7. Parks Kaloka Widya Mandala, which is a zoo as well as an educational tour. In the park there are a number of animals imported, either from domestic or foreign, such as a three-legged goat, elephant, monkey, cow foot five, pythons, monkeys, porcupines, crocodiles Irian, orangutan, and deer. In this tourist complex there is also a museum containing the animals Rare animals like sun bears, Sumatran tigers, and clouded leopard.

In addition to the considerable attractions, the Stone Raden was also stained with arts and cultural facilities, namely:
1. Grebeg Shura or Alms Earth. The ceremony was held on the 9 Month Shura. The goal is the starting reinforcements, namely the activities of ruwat earth and salvation in the tombs of ancestors.
2. Kenthongan, is a distinctive musical artistry Banyumas. The main tool of this art is a form of bamboo strips kenthong is a hole in its side lengthwise. Dikentong need to play it.
3. Calung and Lengger. Calung is also a musical instrument made of bamboo strips, placed transversely, and is played by being hit. While Lengger is a dance that is played two or more women and accompanied by calung.
4. Banyumas custom clothing. Banyumas custom clothing there are two kinds of clothes for the little people (such as clothing ancingan, bebed wala, pinjungan, iketan, and nempean) and clothing for the nobility (nyamping Beskap for men and for women).
5. Ebeg (kuda lumping). Banyumas Ebeg a traditional dance with his trademark braids using horses. The performances are usually accompanied by a gamelan called bendhe.
6. Exhibition of ornamental plants, such as havana, leaves of the gods, and palm paris.
7. Sadranan. This ritual of cleaning the grave, followed by kenduren event. The aim is to commemorate the ancestors.

B. Location
Raden stones located in the southern foot of Mount Slamet at an altitude of about 640 meters above sea level. Location of these attractions located on the north and is about 14 km from the city of Noida, Banyumas, Central Java Province, Indonesia.
C. Access
To get to the location, visitors can use a private or public transport. From Navan town trip can be taken within 15 minutes. Visitors can use public transport from Navan Kebondalem terminal to Batu Raden tourist sites.
D. Ticket
The stone entrance fee can be classified Raden following:
A. Stone lokawisata Raden: Rp. 3000.00 per person.
Vehicles that enter into this lokawisata own tariffs, which are:
• two-wheeled vehicles: Rp. 1000.00
• four-wheeled vehicle nonmikrobus: Rp. 4000.00
• four-wheeled vehicle microbus: Rp. 5500.00
• Vehicles six or more wheels: Rp. 8000.00
• Botanical Garden: Rp. 1000.00 per person
• Curug Gede: Rp. 1000.00 per person
• Shower Pitu: Rp. 5000.00 per person
• Shower Telu: Rp. 5000.00 per person
• Travel Wana: Rp. 5000.00 per person
• Kaloka Widya Mandala: Rp. 2500.00 per person

E. Accommodation and Other Facilities
In lokawisata Baturaden there are some facilities that can be enjoyed, namely:
A. Swimming pool (RM 1500.00 per person)
2. Pool slide (RM 1500.00 per person)
3. Massage scrub sulfur and hot water bath (U.S. $ 15,000.00 per person)
4. Water bike (U.S. $ 1500.00 per person)
5. VIP hot water bath (U.S. $ 3000.00, a maximum of 15 minutes)
6. Hot water bath to Class I (RM 2000.00, maximum 15 minutes)
7. Mogen or car pedal boot (U.S. $ 1500.00, a maximum of 15 minutes)
8. Carousel (U.S. $ 1500.00, a maximum of 15 minutes)
9. Mini train (U.S. $ 2000.00 per person)

There are plenty of accommodation and facilities available at the tourist attraction is Stone Prince, is as follows:
A. In the tourist center there are many villas Raden Stone, Stone Raden guesthouse, and hotel.
2. To the east of the tourist area of Batu Raden also there are many villas and hotels.
3. In the West there is a tourist area of Batu Raden:
• Many of the hotel.
• Bureau of trips. Raden stone does not have its own travel agency. They are working with the Government to facilitate a number of Banyumas agency or travel agent.
• A number of restaurants.
• Building Kertiwana, which is located next to the camping grounds Stone Raden. A building designed specifically with nature is able to accommodate 500 people.
• SPA Palawi Stone Prince, as a facility for the SPA and Aromateraphy.
• House accommodation (homestay) located in the tourist village Ketenger and provided to the public.
• Some of the bungalows or houses for rent as a resort.
• Some of the services of tour guides, who is more devoted to foreign tourists.
• Nightclub.
• Massage parlor and bath scrubs sulfur. This facility is a health tourism by utilizing sources of hot water containing a high sulfur content.
• Terminal Stone Raden. This terminal serves as a place of arrival and departure of vehicles to the Stone Park Raden, such as public buses, tourist buses and private vehicles.
• souvenir stalls, which sold some goods, like clothing, shoes, sandals, jackets, toys, accessories, and other accessories.
• The parking is adequate.

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